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The Frontier Rural Innovations Network (Innovations Network) is a national Practice-Based Research Network (PBRN) focusing on the improvement of the frontier and rural healthcare delivery process to meet the Triple Aim: Better Outcomes, Better Healthcare, Better Healthcare Value. A PBRN is a group of primary care practices and clinicians who conduct research collaboratively by informing each other’s questions with data and critique. Clinicians can participate by contributing data relative to their practice or community as evidence for a study or developing a research proposal for inquiry across the network.

Residents of frontier and rural areas of the United States are not as healthy as their urban and suburban counterparts. While there are many variables, a dearth of practical scholarly understanding and more limited access to primary care are significant contributing factors. The predominant clinical research model does not lend itself well to the inclusion of frontier and rural providers and communities as active participants. The Innovations Network utilizes a paradigm to tap into these valuable insights.
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